I want to accomplish many things in my life. This year is all about the evolution and upgrade of me. I am hyper-focused on improving myself inside and out, These improvements will take on various forms and be accomplished in numerous ways. Some of these improvements will be academic others will be domestic.

There are lots of interesting things that are happening around the city that will contribute to the improvements I desire to make this year. One of the things on my list of to-do's is to take cooking classes. Don't get me wrong, I can definitely get down in the kitchen, but this year, I wanted to learn how to cook healthy meals; or more specifically healthy vegan meals. Luckily, the Great Plains Technology Center has come to the rescue!

They currently offer several cooking classes in their General Interest Department. All the classes are fairly low cost and open to the public. They are taught by Executive Chef Susan A Hunter who is also a Recipe and Content Creator and Wellness Educator. The upcoming class will be on Juicing. The school syllabus it states:

Explore the health benefits of juicing! Explore recipes and
combinations of different juices to deal with specific class
members health issues. Question and answer time is available.
CLASS TIME: 4 hours
COST: $35
DATES: 2/24-3/3 Sat 9-11am
DETAILS: There is a $15 food cost built into the tuition, any discounts apply toward the remaining $44.
You can find out more info on The Great Plains Technology Center website.

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