Being in radio you get a lot of questions like: How many bands & rock stars have you met? What's your favorite artist? Got any free stuff? How the hell did you get this job? What's the craziest party or backstage bash you've been at? Does this look infected? And around thanksgiving time, a question that keeps coming up "How do you deep fry a turkey without burning the damn house down?"

Well you're in luck because we have an exciting and instructional, video that will answer your questions with great full color monotonous blow by blow detail. Having spent the majority of my childhood growing up in "Sportsman's Paradise" the great state of Louisiana, I consider myself an adopted Cajun, swamp dwellin', bayou lovin', coon ass! I love all types of authentic creole cooking from gumbo, etouffee, red beans & rice, jambalaya and, of course, Cajun deep fried turkey. The greatest turkey you'll ever experience.

Over the years fried turkey has become more and more popular, and for good reason. It's the fastest, easiest and juiciest way to prepare turkey. If you've never tried it you're really missing out. Think about it, fried chicken is much juicer & tastier than when it's baked, BBQ or smoked, which is exactly why we fry it. Turkey is the same way, just bigger.

Luckily with the popularity of fried turkey you can find a decent fry kit that includes everything you'll need to get started. You can find them at Walmart, Sam's Club, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop, even Lowe's and Home Depot have kits available to purchase. Shop around and you'll find one pretty quickly. Same for all the Cajun spices, injectable marinades, peanut oil and everything else you'll need to successfully deep fry your turkey.

I haven't eaten a baked turkey for well over 15 years. I will say I still enjoy smoked bird, but it still pales in comparison to fried. For the past 9 or 10 years I've fried the turkey here at the office for our annual Thanksgiving party and was asked if I'd fry another one for our annual Christmas luncheon. I'm always ready to grill or fry and never turn down an opportunity so I gladly accepted the offer. That's when they asked if I'd mind doing a "How To" video on the subject.

You're just a short 20 something minutes away to becoming a certified turkey frying master yourself. Watch the video, fire up the fryer & let the good times roll...Laisser le bon temps rouler!


The following video may not be suitable for all ages. Viewer discretion is advised. Especially if you're one of those people who have a low tolerance towards graphic images & shocking scenes of raw turkey that's about to be injected, seasoned, deep fried, carved up & eaten. You've been warned!

Also if you're going to attempt this for yourself remember SAFETY FIRST! Townsquare Media, it's affiliates nor myself take responsibility if for some unknown reason even after watching the following video you still manage to somehow burn your house down or cause some form of property damage or even worse bodily harm up to & including death you're S.O.L


It's the juiciest, tastiest, most succulent, orgasmic turkey you'll ever eat, guaranteed - and incredibly easy to do. Another great benefit of frying your turkey is all the freed up oven & kitchen space you can use to prepare all the sides, plus you won't heat up the house like you would when you bake a turkey.

It really is easy and much, much faster. It only took an hour and 40 minutes to fully cook a 22 pound turkey. With a little practice you to can become a turkey frying master!

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