Flowers are usually a safe bet for just about anyone on Valentine's Day, but as cliche, as that is, it remains one of the top gifts each year. Now, don't get me wrong, I love, love flowers!  I lean more toward Gerber Daisies than roses, but still, there is something about fresh cut flowers that will get a girl's heart pumping.

Whether you consider them cliché or reliable, gifts traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day will likely see record demand this week, especially if 2021 is any indication. During the week before V-Day 2021, tried-and-true gifts such as teddy bears, lingerie, and chocolate experienced increases in demand of more than 100% over the weekly average the rest of the year.

·      Teddy Bears: +151%

·      Lingerie: +112%

·      Chocolate: +111%

·      Roses: +47%

·      Candy: +41%

·      Candles: +10%

Another fascinating finding from the the analysis:

Valentine’s Day 2021 drove a larger spike in weekly demand for chocolate than any other holiday last year—beating out Halloween, Mother’s Day, Easter, and the winter holidays. More details from this study can be found here.

But is that what women really want?  I've come up with a list of some unexpected Valentine's Day ideas. Gifts that don't have to cost an arm or a leg, but are really given with love in mind.  I'd be thrilled with any one of these ideas, mostly because I have simple needs, and when it comes to the big stuff, I'd just as soon as pick out my own gift!   See what you think! Feel free to comment with other great ideas that you'd like in lieu of candy bouquets or fancy schmancy dinners out!

  • Comstock

    A Clean Car

    We bought a new car last year, and it's a bright metallic red.  It absolutely shines when it's clean.  When it's not, it is so ordinary!  How about a Car Wash package, or a detailing job on the family car for Valentine's Day?  I'm not asking for you to hand wash, that would be ridiculous!

  • Greenseas

    Yard Work

    Just because this one has the word work in it, again, I'm not asking for a ton.  Just someone who sees my vision of our yard both front and back and can lift flagstones out of the car!  Well, and planting new stuff for Spring!  We are already in the planning stage.  A Gift Certificate from my favorite nursery would make a GREAT gift!

  • Fudio


    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and wouldn't it be cool to have a Month of Breakfast coupons?  Either a gift card, or a homemade coupon for Breakfast every Saturday or Sunday would make this Valentine Heart so happy!

  • Ekaterina Krasnikova
    Ekaterina Krasnikova

    Homemade Dinner

    There is a reason that food is mentioned twice on this list!  Nothing says love like something from the oven!  My husband has told me several times that he is a good cook.  We've been together for 3 years and married for 1 1/2, and I've never got to experience this! Please babe, make me dinner!

  • Catherine Yeulet
    Catherine Yeulet

    Control of the Remote for 24 Hours

    We watch a bunch of television!  It's not bad, we watch movies, and re-watching some series that we both love, and we are obsessed with Yellowstone and 1883, so when we finally come in from work, it's recliners and the tube.  Most days, I really don't care what we watch, but what a sweet gesture it would be to offer the remote for a full 24 hours!

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