So I was looking around my normal 2nd Amendment forums a few weeks ago and ran across something about free care packages that Glock sends out. Apparently, if you send them your address, they'll mail it out. It was the first time I'd heard this rumor, so I figured I'd see if it was true. Turns out, that's exactly what happened.

Glock Care Package

The package I received contained an iron-on patch, a velcro patch, sticker, pen, lanyard, hat pin, and the most perfect key chain trinket ever extruded in space age polymer... It's legit.

Sure, the forums are full of gun-snobs who point out it's the same stuff Glock hands out at SHOT Show... but I've never been to SHOT Show, and even though it's still on the calendar in January to happen as scheduled, it'll probably be cancelled like everything else has... So they can shut up and quit harshing my buzz.

The real shocking thing was the packaging. Some employee personally gathered this stuff up, put it in a bubble-envelope, wrote my name and address on it, and slapped some postage on it with their own two hands. Nothing printed, no shortcuts taken. That's customer service right there.

If you'd like to ask for yours, here's what I did...

Go to
Scroll to the bottom and under the customer service menu click Contact Us
Fill out the information
Type "Promo Pack" as the stubject
Ask for a promo pack
Legend says if you include your own Glock model and serial number, they'll rush yours to you since they always aim to service existing customers first.
Sit back and wait.

Maybe you'll have the same luck.

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