From the looks of the photos leaked from the set of David Bowie's latest video, it appears that the former Ziggy Stardust has found religion. Or maybe he's playing one of the apostles. We wouldn't put it past him. After all, he did star as Pontius Pilate in 'The Last Temptation of Christ' and played a Christ-like alien in 'The Man Who Fell to Earth.'

According to 'The Daily Mail,' Bowie was seen on the New York set of his upcoming video sporting "monk robes, flat shoes and a long brown scarf." He was also seen toting around actor Gary Oldman, an old pal. The video will be the third from 'The Next Day,' the 67-year-old Bowie's first album in a decade and his best in 30 years. There is no word yet on which song the video is for.

In fact, few details have surfaced about the video, which was shot at the American Legion building in New York City. But apparently Oldman and a bunch of extras were also dressed in period clothing, with the actor, best known as Commissioner Gordon in the recent 'Dark Knight' movies, decked out in priestly robes.

As Consequence of Sound notes, 'The Next Day' song 'If You Can See Me?' includes the line "I have seen these bairns wave their fists at God / Swear to destroy the beasts as they stamp the ground," which may offer a clue.

In the meantime, speculation is still swirling around on whether or not Bowie, who hasn't toured since 2004's 'Reality' jaunt ended, will hit the road in support of 'The Next Day.' Bowie has said he won't, but some of his closest friends have hinted otherwise.