There is a phone number so coincidentally misfortunate i.e. deadly, that the phone company decided not to issue it as an option for any new potential customers. Anyone who has had this phone number and was otherwise perfectly healthy was either shot to death or diagnosed with some sort of disease and died shortly thereafter.

What is this number you ask?

It’s 888-888-8888. Mysteriously referred to as the “DIGITS OF DOOM!”

Broken Pay Phone
Jose Gil

As the story goes... there was this 48yr old guy, able-bodied & physically fit, who thought the number ‘8’ would bring him luck because, in China, the number ‘8’ is thought to be the number of good fortune. After receiving this phone number, he was of suddenly diagnosed with cancer and died only months later.

The story doesn't end there...

The next person to receive the phone number 888-888-8888 was shot to death by an unknown assailant while dining with his girlfriend.

It gets even weirder... A third obliviously unfortunate person receiving the “ominous 8’s” phone number was shot dead while he was casually standing outside a restaurant.

Needless to say, after the third death, the mobile company decided not to assign this phone number anymore. So, for all you audaciously brave souls, staunch non-believers, or fearless idiots out there willing to throw caution to the wind and test fate, by all means, GO AHEAD and ask for this phone number.

Chalk it up to another curious and unbelievable urban legend, but to tempt fate is foolish. Obviously, there's no such thing as Bloody Mary, but as it's a story told to most of us as kids, there's no way I'd stand there and conjure it here in a dark bathroom.

While still just a tale of legend, there's always some bit of truth where the story begins. We'll cover that bloody story another day.

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