Between inflation, the weather, and war, food is at an all-time high. As much as we'd like to believe things are getting better, experts are predicting they're only going to get worse in 2023.

As the prices of some things are expected to come down, eggs for example, people are hedging their bets against the odds of others.

America is just now getting to the point where last year's crops are coming into play. Everything from corn and avocado to beef is predicted to be in short supply meaning higher prices, but it's not just Oklahoma that'll be getting squeezed... It's global this year.

13 Food Shortages Expected in 2023

As if the egg debacle of late isn't bad enough, experts are predicting even more food shortages and sky-high pricing as supply is about to catch up with inflation. Both weather and war are to blame for most items, and it's hard to estimate what the outcome will be.

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