Recently, a woman in Strongsville, Ohio was issued a citation by police, for leaving her dog in a secured, unventilated vehicle, while the temperature outside soared above 90 degrees.But the issuing officer in the case sentenced her a punishment of his own; forcing the pet owner to sit in her closed, heated car without benefit of air conditioning while he issued her the citation.

This is the second such "sentence" handed out by a police officer in the last year for leaving an animal locked in a car without ventilation, while the heat outside soared. The first occurrence took place last year during the summer in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The person cited in that case file a charge against the citing officer, accusing him of being abusive; it is unclear as to the outcome of that case.

What is in concern here is that many people do not understand how quickly conditions change in vehicles. In a recent publication by the American Veterinary Medical Association, it is noted how quickly temperatures can rise in a short period. The study states that even on an 80 degree day, temperatures in a closed vehicle can rise as much as 30 degree in as little as 20 minutes. Animals, especially dogs, can only cool their bodies by panting or through the pads of their paws, so what might not feel uncomfortable to a human, can be deadly to their canine companions.

So we ask, do you feel the "sentence" handed out by the officers in question was just, abusive, or out of line, but not to the point of discipline?

courtesy of Huntington Post, The Herald-Standard & KOB4 Eyewitness News - Albuquerque, NM