By: Robert King

On March 4th the official Walt Disney Studios Twitter account released a small look at the upcoming Mary Poppins reboot.

My first thought is how Disney places Cinderella's castle, a infamous Disney Logo, at the beginning of each movie. For this film, the castle appears to be on the outskirts of London. That's an interesting location for it, as if the castle was part of Buckingham Palace, or even takes it's place in the Disney Universe.

My next thought is about the wide-shot of the street where the Bank's family lives. I'm not sure if it's a real street in London, or located at the Universal or Warner Brothers studio lot. Anyways it's the same set for the original Mary Poppins, a set for the biographical period-drama 'Saving Mr. Banks' and the same set for the new film.

Next there is a shot of a kite in the trash, at least it appears to be in the trash. It blows away and we see Lin-Manuel Miranda ride up on an old fashioned bike. We see a boy chasing and managing the kite, and before you know it, the kite has summoned Mary Poppins from the heavens.

So this boy with the kite, Lin-Manual Miranda, a man on a park bench, a boy and a girl, and what appears to be young parents are all characters we will see in the movie this Christmas.

Poppins' own reflection seems to have a mind of it's own.

I'm sure that the generation that grew up with Julie Andrew's portrayal of Mary Poppins will have some strong opinions here. Honestly anyone might have them, because it's the "era of reboots and remakes" and this adds to the list. I don't recall sitting all the way through the original during my childhood, but I do know that Emily Blunt has big shoes to fill.

I watched 'Saving Mr. Banks' because it was the first time that Walt Disney Studios has ever had Walt Disney as a character in one of it's own movies. The film is about Mr. Disney (Tom Hanks) trying to win the approval and film rights to Mary Poppins, from author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson).

I'm looking forward to seeing the new Mary Poppins in theaters this Christmas.

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