I've had the same cell phone number for six years.  My home phone (yeah, I have a home phone) for about three years.  Every single day, I get at least three calls for people who used to have my numbers.

With my home phone:  it's a tractor and lawnmower repair company.  It took us weeks to get the phone number off search engine sites.  The company, though, put little stickers on all the equipment they have sold in the last 20 years.  So, I can now help diagnose common problems with tractors and lawnmowers.  It's nice to be helpful.

The cell phone:  used to belong to a guy named Ryan.  Ryan was in the military.  Ryan went AWOL.  Ryan stopped paying his bills.  Ryan never updated his phone number with anyone.  I have a list of creditors that are looking for Ryan, should we ever meet.  I also have about 100 calls from the U.S. Government.  They want to know when Ryan is coming back to work.

When you get a new phone number -- in many cases, you are adopting the history of another person or another company.

Who are the people looking for when they call YOUR phone?  Best examples will be shared this week in the noon hour on My1073.  Just comment below