Warning after warning and news story after news story but the sick and death toll climb due to the listeria found in cantaloupes shipped across the country by Jensen Farms in Colorado.

In Oklahoma, one death has been confirmed and eleven illnesses have been attributed to the tainted fruit.

Listeria can grow at room temperature and also in fridge temperatures, so keeping your lopes cool won't work.  See the Center For Disease Control's page on Listeria and how it effects humansSo, what do you do with the cantaloupes in your house?  The CDC says:  Cantaloupes that are known to NOT have come from Jensen Farms are safe to eat. If consumers are uncertain about the source of a cantaloupe for purchase, they should ask the grocery store. A cantaloupe purchased from an unknown source should be discarded: "when in doubt, throw it out."

This is now the deadliest food-borne illness outbreak in a decade.  That is why it is so important for everyone to see this message.  Make sure you use the social sharing tools on the website to email this to your friends and family, post it to your facebook and share it any other way of which you can devise.

See the official press release from the CDC.