There is a voluntary recall of certain OTC medicines today. This coming from drug company Novartis Consumer Health, Inc. The recall stems from an issue at their processing plant in Lincoln, Nebraska facility and at this time all operations, and shipments have been temporarily suspended.

The OTC med's in question are as follows:

  • Excedrine and NoDoz with an expiration date of December 20, 2014 or earlier.
  • Bufferin and Gas-X Prevention with an expiration date of December 20, 2013 or earlier.

The USDA cited the problem as possible presence of foreign tablets in the bottles or the medication may be chipped or broken. This recall is being done out of caution.

Consumers who accidentally take the wrong medicine or dosage of the incorrect medicine may place them at risk.

For more information contact NOVARTIS at Customers can also call the company at 1-888-477-2403 Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

NY Daily News