Everyone today has been trying to stay up to date with everything going on with Ukraine. Bill Lockwood host of American Liberty had some special guests on the show this week.

You can listen to American Liberty with Bill Lockwood Saturday mornings on NewsTalk 1290 at 11. Here is what Bill Lockwood had to say about this week's show:

Russia Invades Ukraine

What Americans Need to Know:
Interventionism v. Isolationism. Tucker Carlson at Fox News, a libertarian and constitutionalist, has been roundly attacked by Dick Morris--an internationalist--for his stance on neutrality regarding America's response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Morris makes the usual blunders in attacking a "neutral" stance, including that somehow "neutrality" is favoring Putin over the people of Ukraine.
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Another item of interest is this: how is it the case that recent Democratic Party heads--Obama and Hillary Clinton--have been involved in the Uranium One deal that gave Russia access to portions of the United States' Uranium--when in point of fact Russia is the enemy?
Most importantly, Morris seeks to show that Ukraine is "vital" to the United States by pointing out that such countries as Austria and Poland did not seem to be either, but invasion of those countries turned into World War II. This may be true. But what? Is America legally and morally bound to step into any and every infraction and incursion around the globe lest it escalate into a global conflict? 
We cannot even protect our own sovereign borders, nor clean up the War Zones in our own streets--and America is BILLIONS of dollars in debt already. It is time to stop intervening around the globe. Perhaps Dick Morris would profit from George Washington's Farewell Address in which he warned against these types of entangling alliances in Europe.
Guests: John Kachelman, Jr., joined by Charita, an American citizen from UKRAINE. John and Charita join Bill by telephone to discuss the situation on the ground in Ukraine. John has been a missionary into Ukraine for over 20 years and Charita has family right now under assault in Ukraine. They have an "insider" view.
Guest: Alex Newman: Editor of LibertySentinel.org. Alex gives us good background on America's role in DE-stabalizing Ukraine, as well as efforts to force Ukraine into the EU or into the arms of Vladimir Putin. Our DEEP STATE interventionists have been at work for years to create one problem after the other in Europe. Not to excuse Vladimir Putin, who is a communist dictator, Alex points out that the American people need a few pieces of the puzzle to see what has actually been occurring in Ukraine.

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