Despite minor setbacks, Fifth Harmony are slowly but surely gearing up to release their sophomore studio album 7/27And what better way to drum up excitement than to gradually release the track list over the course of a few hours via Instagram captions?

Rather than unveil the the whole track list in one fell swoop, Fifth Harmony have taken the Justin Bieber approach: Each never-before-seen photo is accompanied with a new song title. It's slow goings at the moment, as only four tracks have been revealed in the past two hours, but -- much like the album's delayed release -- it'll likely be worth the wait.

The group recently announced that the album's release date (originally slated for May 20) would be pushed back a full week, though they insist it's for the sake of thematic cohesion. Plus, May 27 mercifully falls on a Friday -- the internationally agreed upon release day for all new music as of July 20, 2015 -- so it's almost like the universe deemed it so.

“So the number 27, as you guys have already probably figured out, is quite important to us. It means a lot of different things,” Lauren explained in a video message addressed to fans. “And so to keep cohesive with the theme of 27, we have decided to push it one week to the 27th…So it’s gonna be like, a theme. Trust us, we love you, and you’re gonna love it. One week will be nothing, I promise!”

We'll keep adding to the list below as the songs are unveiled, so check back to see the full 7/27 track list as it comes.

1. That’s My Girl
2. Work From Home feat. Ty Dolla $ign
3. The Life
4. Write On Me
5. I Lied
6. All In My Head (Flex) feat. Fetty Wap
7. Squeeze
8. Gonna Get Better

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