For many years, those of us that grew up with a story of "a man named Brady" have pursued the answer to one of the biggest mysteries in the history of television. We all know that Mike Brady was a widower, but what happened to the father of the "three very lovely girls" all with hair of gold.

When the series was given a theatrical makeover in the 90's, the mystery was supposedly solved in the second movies of the series, 1996's A Very Brady Sequel, as Carol's first husband, Roy Martin (played by Tim Mattheson) returned from the dead to everyone's shock in dismay. But in the end, Martin was actually a look-alike conman named Trevor Thomas, who was there to steal the family's prized horse statue, which was worth $2o million. The nefarious scheme is discovered by Bobby and Cindy, forcing the con man to kidnap Carol Brady and the family then follows them to Hawaii to rescue their mother and save the day.

So, what really happened to Carol Brady's first husband Roy Martin? Well, the question that has puzzled TV viewers for decades has FINALLY been answered, by of all people, the original Carol Brady herself, Florence Henderson.