The first confirmed case of West Nile Virus has been confirmed in Wichita Falls.  Although more than one mesquite swarms have tested positive, this is the first confirmed human case.

Most people feel like they have the flu, but in cases where the person is already suffering from a chronic illness, West Nile symptoms can flare and cause severe illness or death.

The Centers for Disease Control have some great information about West Nile, but most of the ways to prevent it are things we've been preaching in SWOK for years!


1. Dusk and dawn are the times of day you should try to stay indoors, because mosquitoes are most active.

2. Dress in long sleeves and pants when you are outside.

3. DEET is an ingredient to look for in insect repellent. Follow label instructions, and always wear repellent when outdoors.

4. Drain standing water in your yard and neighborhood where mosquitoes can breed. This includes old tires, flowerpots, clogged rain gutters, etc.