We've heard of a fog rolling in, but this is ridiculous.

Be prepared to be amazed watching what can best be described as a "fog cloud" completely take over a beach in Santa Cruz, Calif. earlier this month.

According to the YouTube description:

...the sky got dark, the wind picked up, and a huge fog cloud rolled in fast. Umbrellas were flying, sand was pelting me in the face and people were quickly leaving the beach. After only a few minutes, the fog cloud passed and the sun came out."

That fog comes in so fast and so high -- it almost looks like a time lapse video -- that you'd think a surfer would try to ride it. It's remarkable how swift the cloud cover was, too. It went from sunny to cloudy enough to leave the beach to sunny all over again in about two minutes.

Heck, it looked so gloomy and treacherous we were hafl expecting something out of Sharknado to come flying out of the sky.

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