Businesses are changing how they do things these days, and the traditional wisdom about getting ahead doesn't work so well anymore.Here are four things you might be doing to HELP your career, which could actually be hurting it.

  Staying too long with the same company

Every employer used to value loyalty and commitment. But these days you might be killing your career by staying in the same job too long. Other employers might think you can't adapt to their way of doing things. Thirty years ago that wasn't such a problem, if you liked your job. But these days everyone has to worry about getting laid off, and replaced by someone cheaper.

 Being too good at something you don't like doing

This only makes employers stick you with that job all the time, so you never get a shot at the job you really want.

Keeping your mouth shut

You'd think it's best not to disagree with the boss out loud. But you want to be working for good managers, to make progress in your career. And someone who doesn't want to hear a different opinion is not a good manager.

  Putting in a recommendation for a friend

On one hand it seems smart to do favors for people, so you can call in favors later. But not this one. If you recommend someone and that person fails in the job, it's YOUR reputation that gets damaged.