Youth football goes under the microscope in an upcoming reality TV series that could have people talking.

This new show, on Esquire network, called ‘Friday Night Tykes’ is a 10-part series that promises to be a smaller person version of HBO's acclaimed 'Hard Knocks.' Filmed in San Antonio, there are five teams in a league comprised of 8- and 9-year-olds.

Their workouts and practices areat the center of the documentary and this preview has received a lot of attention because of the intensity parents and coaches seem to have, with some appearing not to care about injuries, kids’ feelings or the possibility that maybe the children should just be having fun. Also, some of the hits are really nasty. Some which could come under scrutiny in the wake of the dilemma in the NFL about all of the head injuries suffered by former and current players.

It may be troubling for some to watch. It looks as if some of the coaches and parents are   on the opposite sideline when it comes to 'having fun' 'teaching responsibility' and just the basics.Interestingly,

The Esquire Network is owned by NBC Universal. NBC, of course, broadcasts 'Sunday Night Football.' 'Friday Night Tykes' premieres January 14 at 9 p.m. ET on Esquire.

After watching the trailer, do you think it is over the line?