George Clooney might be a good actor, humanitarian and even a great friend, but he’d make a terrible father. That’s the opinion of Amara Miller, the 11-year-old actress who plays his daughter in the new drama ‘The Descendents,’ which opens on Friday.

Why wouldn’t he be a good dad? Miller says it’s because he “likes being an adult… George has fun being an adult, and I don’t think he would like having kids. I know he’s not planning on having kids anytime soon.”

This is the same line that many of Clooney’s female costars repeated over the years. Several have mentioned he’s not the marrying kind and not the type of guy whose life would really revolve around kids. One of those actresses, his ‘The Peacemaker’ co-star Nicole Kidman, even made a big bet with him that he would be married within a certain time period. She lost that bet.

Miller also added another odd quote, saying that she and Clooney don’t keep in touch anymore because, “he’s George Clooney… no one really keeps in touch with him anymore!” Someone should get in touch with Clooney and tell him she said that.

Clooney is only 50 and he’s always dating someone new, so there’s plenty of time left for him to have kids, if he wanted. Though all those kids might get in the way of always dating someone new.

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