We don't romanticize our pets much.  Kramer is our dog, Yoda is the cat and they both have unique personalities and unique relationships with each HUMAN member of our family.

They are animals, yet, both our pets will have presents under the tree this holiday.

Kramer is getting a new dog bed.  He has one in the living room but since we spend so much time in our office, we've bought a bed he can comfortably lay on in that room, too.  He's also getting one of those enormous dog bones shaped like a candy cane.  It should take him about 3 weeks to gnaw through that sucker.

Yoda is a little harder to buy for.  We've bought a kitty cube (which is basically a cardboard cube with scratching surfaces.  It probably cost $2 to make and we bought it for $40.  It's all in effort to give him something to scratch on that is NOT our carpeted stairs.

Animals do have personality and, while you may not spend the $130 we have on gifts, maybe a nice bowl of their favorite treat would make you feel like you are honoring the relationship they have with you.

It also might be a little sad to realize you enjoy shopping for your pet as much as for your kid.  After all, your puppy won't ever talk back, roll his eyes or mumble things under his breath when your back is turned.  On the other hand, a dog can't do dishes. . .so it all balances out in the end!

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