So you've exhausted your search for hand sanitizer across a wide sweep of SWOK and North Texas... Bad news, it's nearly impossible to find.

Why you ask? Because people are buying up as much as they can. Apparently, to resell it for a hefty profit. $14 per bottle of the store brand hand sanitizer is what it's going for just outside of OKC. That's about a 500% markup.

If you do get lucky enough to run across a fresh shipment in a store, buy what you need... not all they have. If you have all the hand sanitizer, the people you interact with won't, so your odds are roughly the same as if nobody had any.

Stop panic buying stuff. And Dante has prepared a special ground level penthouse for those looking to profit off something of such magnitude.

Grab some hand soap, wash your hands thoroughly and often. Don't re-wear your clothing, pop your hats into the wash, and don't wear your shoes around the house. House shoes are better anyway.

Most importantly, don't be a Facebook hand sanitizer hocking Chad... It may seem like a good idea now, but before you know it, you've got a new Mustang and can't help but let everyone on the road know you have loud pipes.


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