For the first time in over 85 years Hasbro will be making some changes to everyone's favorite board game, Monopoly. Remain clam there's no need to panic, the changes won't be major and it's more of a freshening up than anything else. So what are the changes? They'll be updating all 16 of the Community Chest cards in the game. The best part is you get to help decide by voting on which cards you think should be included in the revised Monopoly that should be out sometime this Fall, if not sooner. 

The announcement was made late last week on (03-18-21) that Hasbro would be doing some updates to the Community Chest cards in Monopoly. They'll be doing way with cards such as: beauty contest, holiday funds and life insurance. Hasbro plans to modernize the new Community Chest cards with your help. Some of the suggestions include: shop local, rescue a puppy, and help your neighbor just to name a few.

You can visit to vote for your favorite new Community Chest cards. There's some pretty good ones to choose from, they'll narrow it down and announce the winners on their official Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also check there for details on the updated Monopoly with the new fan-voted Community Chest cards. Monopoly will be hosting a charity classic this spring to unveil the new cards with a $350,000 Community Chest fund that celebrities will be competing for to help their favorite charities. It should be pretty entertaining and you'll be able to watch it live on YouTube.

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