Netflix's original drama 'House of Cards' began its butchery with the most recent season 2 trailer, premiering a host of new footage from the new run of episodes kicking off Valentine's Day 2014, but there's still plenty to see. For instance, check out a cryptic teaser with Kevin Spacey enjoying a rubber band, or re-watch the first season with director's commentary from David Fincher and more!

The newest teaser for the political drama's second season is only the first of many, as showrunner Beau Willimon revealed over Reddit yesterday. "We created a slew of cinemagraph GIFS for Season 2 and I wanted to share this one with you first," Willimon wrote. "Just a taste for now, but LOTS more to come, so keep your eyes peeled, your ears to the ground, and your smart-devices at your finger-tips."

‘House of Cards’ season 2 will see new parts for Molly Parker (‘Dexter‘), Sam Page (‘Mad Men‘) and Jimmi Simpson (‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘); a series regular promotion for Michael Gill (President Garrett Walker); and the loss of director David Fincher. In Fincher’s absence, Emmy nominee Robin Wright will step behind the camera to helm episodes of the political series, as will ‘Orange Is the New Blackguest director Jodie Foster, Carl Franklin (‘Homeland‘), James Foley (‘Glengarry Glen Ross’) and John David Coles (‘Justified‘).

Meanwhile, the streaming service announced that fans can re-watch the entire first season with director commentary from all six directors of the season, including Fincher, Foley, Franklin, Joel Schumacher, Charles McDougall ('The Good Wife') and Allen Coulter ('The Sopranos').

We'll keep you posted on the latest, but check out the enigmatic new teaser for 'House of Cards' season 2 above, and give us your predictions on what it might mean in the comments!