This is a pretty entertaining thing to do with friends, or a good way to do some tough self-reflection when you're alone and willing to be honest. How would you summarize your life in just one short sentence? 

Some people gave this a try yesterday on the website Here are some of the best one-sentence autobiographies they came up with.

1. From books to drugs, back to books.

2. Always played it safe, now life is stable but boring.

3. Stepped up to the plate, struck out, but still swinging.

4. No real problems to worry about, still feel crappy.

5. Somehow ended up in Brazil, still single.

6. High school dropout, two kids and two DUIs by 21. now successful restaurant owner.

7. Adult me is disappointed, but kid me would think that I'm seriously awesome.

8. Radio superstar, well we'll just leave it at  that. (Okay, maybe we added that last one ourselves.)

So what one sentence would describe your life? Leave a comment.