What goes around comes around.

Notorious prankster Roman Atwood thought it would be funny if he set up his video camera and filmed himself telling his girlfriend that he cheated on her. But he fails miserably when the prank backfires turning the prankster in to the prankee.

According the the video, Atwood and his girlfriend were in Aruba celebrating their anniversary when he sat with her on their hotel room bed and told her he cheated on her. She starts crying and before he can tell her it's all a joke, she tells him that she cheated on him too.

Then after he flips out, she reveals she's just joking, and that she saw him set up the camera. She also says that she's disappointed because she thought he was going to propose.

Some may say that this entire video is fake and that it's almost too convenient NOT to be staged. Perhaps, but it could just appear to be completely staged because the girlfriend saw him set up the camera so she was acting the whole time too.