One of Lawton's most iconic restaurants closed its doors for the final time Saturday night, after 43-years of serving homemade meals that brought customers to their tables from miles away.

There were as many reasons that customers made their way to the Big Chef as there were customers that came through their doors. Some say it was the classic breakfast of biscuits and gravy, others food being made fresh and to their order, and for others still it was the friendly service with a smile.

Big Chef was started Trevor Hagler in 1974, after a flood in Illinois destroyed the family restaurant he owned. One of the cooks at that restaurant, who had served in the military suggested Ft. Sill as a great place to start anew. Hagler's daughter April, who grew up at the Big Chief says the best part about the restaurant is they haven't changed a thing. For almost 42 years, you knew what you were going to find when you sat down at one of their tables or in a booth.

Hagler remembers her father spending hours going over detail after detail. From the menus to the decor, Trevor Hagler wanted every time to be a perfect experience for his customers. According to April her mother has decided to retire,and the family has a potential buyer for the building, but aren't sure what will happen after the doors shut their doors for the last time.

But April says that even after the last plate is dished out she wants the customers to remember the experience they had at the restaurant. "To know that they were served with great service and a smile and you know that they felt like home while they were here."

source: KSWO news