One of my New Year Resolutions is to have a greater appreciation for self-care. Mentally, physically or spiritually, if it “betters” me in 2019, issa endeavor.

With that being said, I want to recognize Oasis Day Spa for succeeding in doing what no other spa or massage parlor from here to New York City has been able to do in years; 1) Convince me to get a massage in the first place; 2) Perform such an amazing job at relaxing, rejuvenating and releasing the tension from my current body ailments; and 3) Completely change my mind about how I feel about massages.

The Worst Massage Ever

You see, truth be told, I hate massages.  I don’t just hate them, I loathe them with every fiber of my being. This opinion is all due to the fact that a few years ago, I had a really horrible experience at a massage parlor in NYC. I got some kinda weird Vietnamese Body Massage with Feet. It was aggressive, it was intrusive and had I of known what it consisted of, I would have never agreed to this type of massage!!!

Presumably, It started off okay; I even ended up falling asleep. But I woke when this thunderbolt of pain shot through my pelvis; only to find this little Vietnamese lady standing on top off me with this stupid grin on her face. I assume this form of massage was supposed to be relaxing; but in actuality, the massage was so horribly debilitating that after it was complete, I was unable walk for almost 6-8months.

It was horrifying! I was walking on crutches in excruciating pain, afraid to put any weight on my leg, and I dared not abruptly turn around in any way shape or form due to the piercing jolt it would send thru my body. I vowed to never step foot into a massage parlor ever again! That is, until Oasis Day Spa.

Oasis Day Spa

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a spa service with Terry, the owner of Oasis Day Spa. Right from the start, I informed him of my utter dislike of his line of work, my fears stemming from the previous experience and my apprehension to submit to the service.

Not necessarily the best way to start off a day of peaceful pampering, but as far as I was concerned; I. Said. What. I Said. Terry laughed and was incredibly sympathetic. He explained to me what he felt went wrong with my last massage; and clarified how his approach was unique and vastly differed from the typical spa experience. He clarified that, although my apprehension was completely warranted, my time with him would be different. Boy was he right!

The Best Massage Ever

This was a total mind, body and spirit experience. From the soothing music playing in the background, to the dimmed lighting; the entire ambiance of the room put me in a state of tranquility. I felt completely at ease with submitting myself to Terry’s expertise.

As a Massage Therapist, he not only dealt with my physical fear of this process, but he explained how certain forms of trauma have the ability to manifest emotionally as well as spiritually. He explained the health benefits of massage and how it can relieve various symptoms, heal injuries, assist with certain health conditions and support overall wellness.

Mind, Body & Spirit

As Terry applied pressure to the areas of my body that were in pain, I began to feel a release of the muscle tension, stress and stiffness I felt when I first walked into the establishment. When the service was complete, I felt pampered, invigorated and re- energized.

Making clients feel comfortable is a way of life at Oasis Day Spa. So, if you’re looking to be less stressed and more alert, if you desire hours of peaceful pampering, or you just want a good massage and a healthy glow; then set up your appointment at Oasis Day Spa now! From various massages, facials, body wraps and body scrubs; Oasis Day spa has specialized packages based on the needs of the individual client.

Oasis Day Spa; where they take care of your body…mind…and spirit.

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