Here we are in the futuristic year of 2012 and our society is no where near the supposed utopia that was promised by the 1950's sci-fi movies. Instead, we seem to be caught in more of an Idiocracy than anything else. Preface: Normally I write about funny, satirical, or major news stories but, when I saw this headline I just could resist the urge to write something. So, here we go...let's kick the tires and light the fires!

Recently, the Illinois Family Institute called for parents in the state of Illinois to remove their children from classes and schools that employ, what the Institute calls, activist atheist liberal teachers who steer innocent children into evil by supporting gay and straight alliances.This is just an absurd statement if anyone is steering these children in the wrong direction I would say it would have to be the parents. Why would a parent ever want to teach their children to blindly and ignorantly hate a particular person?That, to me, is the definition of evil.

Let's make it clear this post has nothing to do with politics, sexual orientation, or religion. I am merely going on the fact that so many people, or so the media makes it appear that way, teach young children to hate other people and do not sit down and educate them on a matter. They cover it with the blanket statement that we all heard as children "you'll understand when you're older!" No, they won't because these people never took to the time to do what a parent should do and guide there child to be better than themselves.

If a person has blind hate towards a particular group then like the cycle of domestic violence those children have an increased chance of following blindly in their parents footsteps. When election time rolls around, be it presidential or otherwise, the generic statement "America needs to return to a time of moral righteousness and family. A time back to the age of the nuclear family of the 50's." Really?? The 50's? The most blatantly violent, tumultuous, closed minded, repressive time since the dark ages? Do those people realize the drug fuel decades of the 1960's and 70's were a direct rebellious response those so-called good old times?

I do laugh a little when I hear those statements because it just shows how much pandering and playing to a crowd goes into campaigning for any type of office. I do agree with some of what these candidates say and that we seriously need to take stock of our value system and where we put priority on certain topics. For example, recently, and beats me why, I have become addicted to reading psychoanalytic papers, essays, and books. I guess it's just something leftover from college but, in my pursuit of a higher understanding of human mind. I went on Amazon and bought Sigmund Freud's book The Interpretation of Dreams for .99 cents and I was floored because I could buy 50 Shades of Grey for $45.00. The most psychoanalytically important book of modern psychology is priced so that I could buy it a dollar store. That in my opinion is a sad sign of our times.