After I got home from Townsquare Lawton one Monday evening, I was walking up to the door of my house and I saw a doe on the pond bank watching me.

This isn’t the first encounter I’ve had with her. Whenever I happen to go outside in the evening or early mornings, she stares at me.

On that Monday I attempted to take a photo with my phone. I zoomed in to get a better image, and the light flashed as the photo was captured. That scared her off, and also revealed her deerling, or child.

She’s had a deerling with her each time I’ve seen her out and about.

Here is the photo I took. The quality isn’t so great when my phone zooms in, and the twilight doesn’t help either.


You can see her eyes reflecting the light. They’re two small glowing orbs right next to each other. This poor quality photo makes her look like a wondering ghost.

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