Lots of people eat well and clock time at the gym to keep themselves healthy. But as it turns out, your well-being is tied to more than just your physical state.

It has a lot to do with your finances, too.

A recent survey found that fewer than half of American workers watch their spending, and less than a third stick to a budget. In addition, 84 percent said being physically healthy is good for their financial future, largely because they’ll save money in health-care costs later on.

This suggests we believe health leads to wealth, but experts say it’s actually a two-way street. The focus on living longer by taking care of our bodies is great, but it won’t do us much good if we run out of money.

What’s more, many people seem to discount the role stress plays in staying healthy — and if you’re worried about your finances, you could end up with chronic health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

Bottom line: it’s okay to skip a trip to the gym if you swap it out for a session with a financial planner.

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