If you've already made your Super Bowl Sunday plans, you might want to put an asterisk by them in your mind. Oklahoma meteorologist David Payne is doubling down on the snow forecast this weekend.

While accumulating snow in mid-February isn't completely out of the possibility, it might be a little unseasonal for the Sooner State. Besides, we've been so warm the snakes are already out of their winter dens, which makes fishing quite the challenge right now.

Then again, Oklahoma recently experienced a year that saw seven winter storms between New Year's and Easter. I can't remember if it was last year or the year before, but it was super recent. An accumulating snow this weekend isn't that far out of the norm.

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The real question will be, how accurate is this forecast going to be? While meteorologists have had a pretty solid track record the last year and a half, this winter hasn't stacked up on par with predictions just yet.

To be fair, it's not just Oklahoma's favorite weatherman that may be missing the mark. Meteorologists all over who made huge predictions appear to have gotten it wrong too.

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Farmers Almanac faired a little better in their predictions. Instead of talking about snow and ice storms, they focused entirely on generically stated the season would be "wetter" than average thanks to more than a normal amount of "storms."

Since Oklahoma has almost fully recovered from a really deep drought over the last few months, they technically nailed it.

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Then again, Farmers Almanac called for brutal and lingering cold... our 60° winter has proven that to be moot.


The truth between the lines...

While we all agree it's nearly impossible to predict the future, there are at least some statements that can be made with certainty looking into the weekend's possibilities.

Is it going to snow? Maybe.

Is it going to accumulate? Possibly.

Is there going to be ice? Perhaps.

Will there be rain? Conceivably.

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