It's funny how things work in cycles. We collectively struggle with spelling a word, the internet grammar police correct us, we learn, and then everyone moves on to struggling with a new word. The cycle repeats.

People traditionally have trouble deciding which of two similar words to use.

  • Desert - Dessert
  • Rain - Rein - Reign
  • Supposably - Supposedly
  • Ensure - Insure
  • Capitol - Capital

English is such a large complex of language mash-ups, it's understandable.

Just a few years ago, Oklahomans struggled the most with grey-gray according to Google... but we all called shenanigans since grey and gray are both correct spellings for the same color. Completely interchangeable. As such, Oklahoma has a new 'most' misspelled word that has some of us on the struggle bus, and I can't figure out how it's possible.


That is Oklahoma's most commonly misspelled word on social media and in web searches according to Google. Apparently, some get it mixed up with wich and witch... which is hilarious.

The (probable) simple answer.

Instead of assuming that Oklahomans are, well, simple... I'd bet this has more to do with shrinking technology than actual common English knowledge. As we move through space and time, our communication has become text via social media, email, memes, etc...

How many times have you finished typing something on your phone only to see a typo right as you send it? Happens to me all the time. I can only assume, and that has to be the reason people are confusing 'wich' with 'which' nowadays.

It's either that or perhaps 'wich' is the new Zoomer slang for sammies... (sandwiches)

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