As the days grow longer and warmer, people will naturally start returning to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge to enjoy the most beautiful sights in Oklahoma.

Naturally, whether it's a tourist or random Chad all hopped up on Natty Light, you'll likely see someone getting a little too close to the bison.

It's crucial that you remember the process of natural selection cannot take place if you allow your cautious demeanor into the situation by yelling "Don't get too close to it... it'll kill you!"

This is the way of nature.


For some odd reason, some people tend to think life is like a Disney movie where all manner of life gets along in harmony... Life is not like this.

We managed to trap an opossum in the basement one time. Caught it in a trash can and set it to the side for animal control to do their thing. We had a salesperson that kept trying to make friends with it and it went just about like you'd expect.

Snarling teeth and loud hissing were the themes of the afternoon as she kept trying to pet it. We just looked on taking mental notes for the inevitable deposition. She was upset that it wouldn't just shut up and make friends with her, yet we sat idly by waiting for her to learn her lesson.

This is the way.

In life, people either learn through experience or through the experiences of others. You wouldn't think a lack of common sense would come into play with a wild beast as big as the American Bison but to each their own.


If you do end up seeing someone getting a little too close for their own good, remain silent and film it instead. When the video goes viral, even more people will learn from that example why you should never get too close to a wild animal.

What should you actually do?

Beyond being super dangerous for one's health, this would be considered harassment of wildlife. Call the park authorities, then whip out your camera. It'll be showtime.

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