I know, it's not even cool outside yet and we're already talking about snow and ice. If you haven't heard the news it's looking like winter will be unseasonably cold and stormy according to the Farmer's Almanac.


Well, that's not good. Unless of course, you're into really cold temperatures that are below average and enjoy sleet, ice, snow, and trekking through the frozen tundra. The extended winter forecast is very cold and wet.

According to the Farmer's Almanac winter 2023/2024 will be cold & stormy

Temperature Gauge in the Snow
Jonathan Larsen

Check out the Winter forecast and get a glimpse of what things will be like in Oklahoma this winter by visiting the official Farmer's Almanac website. Unlike last year we can expect much cooler temperatures along with snow and ice throughout the winter months. It looks like January and February 2024 will be the worst.


If you're a cold wussy like me my winter coat will be out way before winter gets here, followed by gloves and hats. I hate the cold. It can be a 110 outside and I wouldn't complain, but I'll be the first one to the truck with his hands in the heater when it's 35. So needless to say I'll be more than prepared before the first freeze.

Looks like Oklahoma will see much cooler temperatures & winter storms this year

Wintery picture of a very cold man with a XMAS vibe

So if you're wondering just how accurate the Farmer's Almanac is they're usually a little above 80% when it comes to correctly predicting weather patterns. The odds aren't in our favor that they're wrong. Maybe you're into winter and look forward to it. In that case, you're in luck especially if you're wanting snow and ice.

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