You may think you know the Dallas Texans, but this team has a very interesting history.

Dallas Texans Weird Football History

Dallas Cowboys v Kansas City Chiefs
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Remember back in 2009, when the Cowboys took on the Kansas City Chiefs and they wore these uniforms. On that day a lot of fans learned about the old Dallas Texans franchise. Today though, I want to talk about the OTHER Dallas Texans. That's right, we had two back in the day.

The NFL Team That Didn't Even Last One Season in Dallas

The Dallas Texans you probably know about are the ones from the AFL, but yes the NFL had a Dallas team before the Cowboys. Back in 1952, Dallas got their first professional sports team and to say it was a disaster would be an understatement. Let's look at everything that went wrong.

The Team Drew Little to No Fans

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The team played at the Cotton Bowl which nowadays we think as the home of the Red River Rivalry game every year. The stadium can hold over 90,000. Dallas Texans ownership needed to get 25,000 people at every game just to break even on the season. The team got 54,065 fans for the ENTIRE SEASON. It was a disaster and they actually hold a record.

The Lowest Attended Game in NFL History

The Texans got just one win in 1952. It was an upset over the Chicago Bears that nobody saw. 2,208 people attended the game. Since 1939 it is the lowest attended NFL game (not counting 2020 due to Covid regulations). You maybe asking yourself, why was this game in Ohio? Here's how bad it got in Dallas.

The Dallas Texans Became a Traveling Team

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The team literally didn't even finish the season in Dallas. With five games left, they moved their headquarters to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Which you probably know is famous for making the chocolate above. The team would still be called the Dallas Texans. One of their home games was supposed to be that game against the Bears and the other was a game against the Lions. Which they just played in Detroit.

The Texans Maybe One of the NFL's Biggest Failures

The team lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which today would be millions of dollars. What's weird is that the team technically would go on to become the Baltimore Colts, however the Colts do not recognize any Dallas Texans history (it is a pretty bad history). The NFL treats the Colts as a new expansion franchise in 1953, even though it's primarily the Dallas Texans team.

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So there you go, a little Dallas sports history that many have forgotten. For good reason. No matter how bad my Dallas Cowboys piss me off, they will never be as bad as the 1952 Dallas Texans.

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