One lucky Thunder fan got the hookup last night, but it wasn't easy.

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Living in Wichita Falls, I am right in between Dallas and Oklahoma City. My loyalties for my other sports teams reside in Dallas. However, I do occasionally head up to Oklahoma City to watch my Mavericks play the Thunder. Can't wait to see the new arena they're building up there, but I have to admit. I am jealous of one Thunder fan today.

Cody Hoover from Mount Vernon, Arkansas

Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder took on the Utah Jazz. Like many NBA teams do, the Thunder have little games they do with fans in between quarters. This one we have all seen before at NBA games. Make the half court shot and you win some cash. Now the Thunder have been in the NBA since 2008, in their entire history. Only nineteen people have hit this shot, until last night.

Cody Nails Half Court Shot for $20,000

Cody was nothing but net. Seriously, that was one of the cleanest half court shots from a fan I have ever seen. Cody says he plans to do something nice for his family with the money. He said he made the four hour trip for the game, so maybe Cody has got the gas money on the way back to Arkansas?

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If that wasn't enough, the Thunder would win the game 119-107. Getting to see your favorite team win and score $20,000? Doesn't get much better than that.

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