Waiting for that Thanksgiving bird to get done, you may play a game to pass the time. Well sometimes, people don't like to lose those games and we end up with a fight on Thanksgiving.

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My mother is one of those people that takes games way too seriously. She was yelling all Thanksgiving morning about playing games and this year I wasn't taking part. Just wanted to relax and watch the parade. Seems like this dude in Wichita Falls should probably have done what I did and sat out the Thanksgiving games.

News Report on the Thanksgiving Fight Below

Wichita Falls Police Called To Residence on Northview Drive

Of course not every Thanksgiving in town was going to be perfect, but it looks like at this house a card game almost turned deadly at one point. Allegedly, Derrion Holt and his brother had got into an argument over a card game during Thanksgiving. Seems like that was the straw the broke the camel's back because allegedly earlier in the day. Holt claims his brother put hands on Holt's wife. Once the card game fight took place, that was it, things were on.

Derrion Holt Allegedly Grabs a Knife

At some point during the altercation, Derrion grabbed a knife and began threatening his brother with it. Not wanting violence on Thanksgiving, Derrion's mother stepped in between her two sons to try and break it up. Derrion's mother was cut in the process and this is when police were called.

Mugshot from Wichita County Jail
Mugshot from Wichita County Jail

Derrion Was Arrested on Thanksgiving

Derrion Holt was arrested for aggravated assault and family violence for attempting to stab his brother with a deadly weapon. Holt was transported to the Wichita County jail with a 10,000.00 bond set by the judge, according to KFDX.

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Hope everyone else in Wichita Falls had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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