There's a hefty possibility Joanne the Scammer may be expanding her shady empire. Branden Miller -- who, one might argue, is actually fictional character Joanne's alter ego -- discussed details about a potential Netflix series in a Never Before podcast with host Janet Mock.

Miller told Mock that Joanne's Instagram only has the capacity to share "little snippets of her life," a.k.a. the latest scams in which she's involved. But, he said, when it comes to Netflix, "[T]he show will give you the whole storyline."

And apparently, that storyline is currently being written by "someone from Netflix," Miller said.

Although Miller said he didn't have further details to divulge about the potential project, the plot lines could be endless. Maybe Joanne would even have the guest stars with whom she's pictured on her Instagram in the show: Katy Perry and Solange Knowles are just a couple of examples.


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