The K-pop industry is no stranger to cultural appropriation.

Whether it's embedded in the music itself (which is often steeped in rap and "urban" music genres) or the sartorial style—dreads, braids, hoop earrings and hip-hop posturing are popular among South Korean acts—there's no denying that the K-pop scene has seen its fair share of problematic moments and scandals. (And to be fair, so has the Western pop scene.)

But taking fashion cues from black hip-hop artists is nothing compared to the more insidious side K-pop, including some artists' insensitive, offense and downright racist behavior—from one Red Velvet member's over-the-top impersonation of a black woman to straight-up blackface.

Below, check out seven times K-pop idols went too far.

7 Times K-Pop's Cultural Appropriation Went Way Too Far

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