R&B musician Kelis has come forward with indictments of abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, Nas.

On Thursday (April 26), the "Milkshake" soloist recorded an intimate interview with Hollywood Unlocked at her home, in which she chronicled the "tumultuous and toxic" relationship she endured with the New York rapper, whom she alleged turned mentally and physically violent toward her throughout their five-year marriage.

"I have edited myself for nine years and I woke up this morning and said, 'not today,'" Kelis stated, before launching into the harrowing accounts of their marriage that inspired her to speak out.

In one such admission, the 38-year-old vocalist testified how Nas would oftentimes imbibe to the point of blacking out and that it was during these stupors that the "If I Ruled the World" performer would become violent, leading to actual scuffles between the two.

In describing the aftermath of their brawls, the songbird maintains that she never initiated a fight with her ex-husband but that she would fight back in self-defense.

“I’ve waited nine years to say anything. I’ve never talked about this man," the singer opened. "Did he hit me? Mmhmm. Did I hit him back? Mmhmm. I’m not afraid to throw a punch, but I wouldn’t have started it. I’ll participate in ending it, but I wouldn’t have started it.”

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Further into her conversation with the celebrity news platform, the celebrity chef recalled the moment she nearly broke her silence about the abuse once she witnessed photos of Rihanna's wounded face after Chris Brown assailed the "Work" star back in February 2009.

"I remember so clearly when the pictures came out with that whole thing that happened with her and Chris Brown. And the only way I can describe it was like double-dutch. I felt like, 'Do I jump in? Do I say it?' Cause I had bruises all over my body at that time," she started. "That day, I remember being in Atlanta sitting in the kitchen and I wasn't ready to walk."

In addition, Kelis holds that it was after the infamous story that the 44-year-old entertainer finally realized his scurrilous behavior. It was the revelation that officially urged the "Jerk Ribs" performer to end her marriage. “Seeing her, the way she looked, and then looking at myself, I was embarrassed,” she continued. “He knew it. He looked at me like, ‘Are you gonna do it?’”

Just months after Brown and Rihanna's headline-breaking incident, in April 2009, Kelis officially filed for divorce from the hip-hop icon, citing irreconcilable differences.

As of late, Nas nor his team has answered the Kelis' charges.

Watch Kelis' full interview with Hollywood Unlocked below.

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