In a recent interview with Valentine in the MorningKelly Clarkson said "Meaning of Life," her forthcoming album's title track, was originally recorded as a feature of 2015 album Piece by Piece. Fearful it'd get lost in the mix of the LP's otherwise dance pop-heavy tracks, she kept it in her back pocket, and said she hoped it would serve as the inspiration for an entirely new album.

Now, it has. And now, we know why.

Today (October 19), just about a week ahead of the release of Meaning of Life, Clarkson's dropped the wolfish, throat-splitting namesake track, a mix of deliciously smug R&B and soul that delivers a breed of huskiness you haven't heard since "Never Again."

"Baby, I've been living in the dark / The only friend I've got here is my broken heart / Feeling like I've finally had enough / Living like an animal can be so rough," she spits on the first verse before delivering some glass-shattering ad libs.

Listen above, share your thoughts and be sure to pick up Meaning of Life on October 27.

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