Kiss bassist and singer Gene Simmons has one of the biggest personas in rock and roll history, and there are plenty of stories, legends, rumors and innuendo that have circulated throughout the years about the musician.

The good news is that fans may have a chance to quiz the musician about his intriguing life as part of a new CNN interview segment. Simmons has agreed to take videotaped fan questions for an upcoming piece. If you have something you would like to ask, videotape yourself asking your question in under 15 seconds and your entry could be used. Visit CNN’s iReport for details on how to submit your question before June 18 at noon ET to enter.

If you’re a little stumped on what to ask, the ever-busy Simmons has a wealth of things to promote at the moment. Kiss will be going on tour with Motley Crue this summer. When they do, they’ll have a new record to support as ‘Monster‘ is expected to arrive this fall. And on the home front, a brand new season of ‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels‘ is underway on A&E.