If you've ever been deluded enough to believe Lady Gaga is nothing but a pop puppet, propped up by her handlers and team of experts with little talent to back up the Fame Monster machine, you've likely never seen (or heard!) her perform live. But fear not: Isolated audio of Gaga's vocals from her stellar Super Bowl performance has mercifully leaked online, proving what stans have known all along -- Gaga has one hell of a voice.

The audio spans the full length of her impressive halftime show, which saw the "Perfect Illusion" singer tear through a six-song set ("Poker Face," "Born This Way," “Telephone," “Just Dance," “Million Reasons” and “Bad Romance”). Considering the involved choreography and perpetual motion of the performance, her vocals are all the more impressive and show that Gaga is one of the best singers in the game -- not that further proof is even necessary at this point in her career. But still.

And -- as an unprompted bonus for the conspiracy theorists who thinks the Super Bowl audio is doctored in some way -- here’s yet another isolated mic feed of Gaga’s vocals from when she performed “A-YO” on Saturday Night Live on October 23, 2016, to offer definitive evidence of her undeniable talent:

Lady Gaga's Best Live Vocals

Lady Gaga Performs at Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show:

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