This past week the CCHD (Comanche County Health Department) has been on the move helping the Lawton, Fort Sill community get their COVID-19 vaccinations. Maybe you've seen the pop-up mobile vaccination clinics around town, or went to one yourself. The CCHD is doing their part to make getting your vaccination as quick and easy as possible. Coming up next week they'll be hosting a drive thru COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Great Plains Coliseum. So if you're still needing your shot you'll be able to pull through.

The CCHD has done an amazing job throughout the pandemic and they certainly don't get enough credit and thanks for all they've done and continue to do for us. These new pop-up vaccination clinics are awesome. There's no need for an appointment, just pull in and get your shot, it's that easy! So far they've done 2 or 3 of these mobile clinics and a lot of people are taking advantage of it. You can check with the official Comanche County Health Department Facebook page for updates and details on the pop-up vaccination sites/clinics.

As if that wasn't enough the CCHD just announced that it's going to get even easier! Coming up next week on Wednesday, May 12th (05-12-21) the CCHD will be hosting a drive thru vaccination event at the Great Plains Coliseum located at 920 South Sheridan Road from 8:00am until 6:00pm. You can just pull in and get your shot, again with no appointment. All persons that are age 16 plus are eligible. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to get vaccinated. Get all the details about the drive thru vaccination event below: Comanche County Health Department Comanche County Health Department

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While much is still unknown about the coronavirus and the future, what is known is that the currently available vaccines have gone through all three trial phases and are safe and effective. It will be necessary for as many Americans as possible to be vaccinated in order to finally return to some level of pre-pandemic normalcy, and hopefully these 30 answers provided here will help readers get vaccinated as soon they are able.