If you haven't heard the news yet Pfizer just came out and suggested another round of booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine. Over the weekend they announced that they would be seeking the FDA's approval for what will be the 4th shot or booster. It's being recommended as more strains and variants develop like Omicron.

According to Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer the effectiveness and protection of the boosters and original vaccinations aren't long-lasting and additional shots are needed to ensure continued defense against the virus and all its strains and variants. Health experts predict more COVID-19 variants in the near future.

Depending on which brand of vaccine you originally took will determine if a 4th shot or booster is suggested. Right now Pfizer is the only vaccine manufacturer that is asking for the FDA's approval for additional shots. No word quite yet from Johnson & Johnson or Moderna on their plans to request additional boosters.

From the beginning, Oklahoma has had one of the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the country. It should come as no surprise that even if Pfizer receives approval from the FDA for another booster or 4th shot most Oklahomans will take a pass. Even those who were originally vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine will likely not take another shot. That was the case when the 3rd shot and booster were suggested by Pfizer last year.

So what are your thoughts and opinions on this? Would you take another COVID-19 booster shot if suggested by the vaccine manufacturer and approved by the FDA? Take the quick poll below and let us know:

Top 5 Reasons Why Oklahomans Refuse The Covid-19 Vaccine

On the whole, there is a seriously large population of people in the Sooner State that simply don't trust those at the top telling us everything is safe and recommended, but it breaks down farther than that.

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