While I hope your weekend was everything you hoped it would be, my weekend started last Friday with a gurgling toilet. If you didn't know, toilets gurgle and bubble when you sewer line backs up past the point of the vent, and as the void fills, that sewer gas finds a way through the only vent it can, into your bathrooms. I'm pretty chill about it, it happens. It hasn't happened for a long time, so I've been lucky in that aspect. So I hop on the phone to call my regular plumber guy only to find out, they're out of business. Ugghh.

Like you, the next thing I did was search for plumbers and start reading reviews. If you didn't already know how to research reviews, here's a quick crash course on it... It's hard to trust both the highest and lowest reviews of pretty much any product or service out there. We live in a world where you can make up a fake person and post the most positive things about yourself in the world. Alternatively, the people who are the most inspired to offer a review are the people who feel slighted and wronged in the situation. Since assault and battery are no longer misdemeanors, leaving a wildly over-nasty review is the next best thing for every Jared and Karen out there... So how do you weed out the honest reviews? You look right in the middle. Those two, three, and four star reviews typically have the most true-to-experience testimonials. It's worked pretty good for me so far.

So after calling around to a bunch of plumbers that either A: Couldn't make it until Tuesday/Wednesday or B: Would have to charge double the rate for quick service, I gave up and asked my neighbors. I ended up finding an independent plumber dude that solved my problem when he finally showed up on Sunday. He even let me pay him in trade with ammunition instead of cash. That was awesome and he earned a place in my contacts list... but it left me thinking all weekend "If everybody is days behind, it seems like Lawton could really use some more plumbers."

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