Check out one of, if not the most expensive house that's currently for sale in Lawton, OK. This place is HUGE, more like a mansion than a house. This epic estate is an incredible one-of-a-kind Scottsdale/Santa Barbara-style home, a real “Villa Incantato” that could all be yours! Well, if you have 1.5 million it could all be yours. Take a quick virtual tour of this magnificent mansion, and scroll down to see the full photo gallery below.

I stumbled across this amazing and rare home while browsing about and checking listings on daydreaming of massive square footage and luxurious living spaces. Needless to say, this place delivers in spades! It was designed by an architect in Scottsdale, AZ. It's the only home like it in this part of the country.


This unbelievable property is located at 350 North West Hillary Road in Lawton, OK. That's right it's right here in Lawton, Fort Sill. Normally you don't think of epic estates and mansions when you think of Lawton, OK. but you'd be surprised. This one though has to be one of the biggest and best that I've ever seen and it's for sale. So if you have a spare $1,500,000 laying around you could buy this awesome one-of-a-kind home.

It's definitely one of the most impressive and expensive listings for Lawton, OK. on So what does 1.5 million dollars buy you? Quite a lot actually. Imagine living in a 4 bedroom, 5 bath 5,900 square foot home on 2 acres. If you have the cash and are interested it's listed by Barry Ezerski of RE/MAX Professionals. Take a quick peek inside this epic estate and massive mansion by scrolling through the photo gallery below.

Look inside this Lawton, OK. 1.5 million dollar mansion

Take a quick virtual tour of this massive 1.5-million-dollar mansion in Lawton, OK. It's one of the largest, most luxurious, and most expensive homes on the market right now. It's truly a one-of-a-kind property that boasts 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 5,900 square feet on 2 acres. It's located at 350 North West Hillary Road in Lawton, OK. and for $1,500,000 it could all be yours! This impressive home is one of the most epic estates on It's currently listed by Barry Ezerski of RE/MAX Professionals. Scroll through the photo gallery below and take a peek inside this 1.5-million-dollar mansion for sale in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Take a virtual tour of this massive 7.5 million dollar Oklahoma mansion

Take a look inside this massive Oklahoma mansion that's up for sale. This epic estate is one of the most impressive and expensive houses currently for sale in the Sooner State with a price tag of $7,500,000. This one-of-a-kind property is located at 6907 Avondale Drive, Nichols Hills in Oklahoma City, OK. It's one of the most incredible and luxurious homes on and is listed by Cole Strickland of Metro Mark Realtors. This 6 bedroom, 9 bathroom 11,412 square foot multi-story home boasts all the very best in features and amenities. It sits on 1.7 acres and even has its own tennis court and swimming pool. That's just the beginning. Scroll through the pictures below to take a virtual tour of this EPIC MEGA-MANSION in OKC.

Look inside this historic 8.5 million dollar OK. mansion

This incredible property is located at 1414 Galveston Ave. in Tulsa, OK. This isn't just any old manor either, it's the historic McBirney Mansion which is listed in the National Historic Record. If you have a spare 8.5 million dollars you could be the proud new owner of this epic estate. Interested? It's listed by Curtis Roberts of McGraw Realtors. The McBirney Mansion features around 15,900 square feet with 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and more living space both formal and family across 3 stories. Actually, 4 if you count the basement. This estate sits on 2.9 acres with breathtaking views of the Arkansas River and some of the most magnificent natural landscaping and outdoor spaces you'll ever see. You could own a piece of OK. history!

Look inside this EPIC $5,495,000 Oklahoma Estate

It's being called the premier luxury listing in all of Oklahoma on This massive mansion in Arcadia, OK. at 400 Deep Fork Circle is listed by Ty Burnett of Engel & Voelkers Edmond. It currently has an asking price of $5,495,000 making it one of the most expensive houses for sale in the Sooner State. This epic 12,020 square foot estate sits on over 2.5 acres and features 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. It comes with its own guest house, resort infinity pool, cabana, and gym. The chef-inspired kitchen features all professional, commercial-grade appliances. There's a THX theater room and entertainment suite complete with its own bar. The master bedroom has a see-through fireplace, huge celebrity-style closets a garden room, and heated marble floors in the master bath. It has a basement a wine cellar and tons of outdoor patio and sitting areas. Scroll through the pictures below and take a virtual tour of this epic estate in Arcadia, OK.

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