This month is national ice cream month -- and I'm all about celebrating!  What's your favorite flavor?  Comment below or let me know on Facebook!

I'll let the ice cream out of the box -- I've struggled with this a long time.  I love the purity of vanilla.  I love the decadence of chocolate.  I enjoy the fun and crunch of Rocky Road.  But I HATE Neapolitan.  HATE. HATE. HATE.  The reality is, I'm lactose intolerant -- but that doesn't matter -- I'll take a pill and start scooping away!

The average American eats over 23 quarts of ice cream each year.  Most of that is eaten on Sunday with a big emphasis in July and August.

The average ice cream scoop in a cone takes 50 licks to finish.  Tootsie Rolls have NOTHING on a cone with sprinkles!

With 98% of Americans purchasing ice cream -- it has to beat apple pie as the favorite after-meal treat, right?  So, what is your fav flav?