Happy National Ranch Dressing Day! To help celebrate this momentous occasion Hidden Valley Ranch has teamed up with Van Leeuwen to create a ranch-flavored ice cream. It will be unleashed later this month.

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That's right coming soon you'll be able to get Ranch dressing-flavored ice cream. It will only be available for a limited time and only at Walmart. They plan to release the new flavor on Monday, March 20th (03-20-23).

The new Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream is coming to Walmart

It certainly sounds interesting and being a BIG FAN of Ranch myself I have to give it a try. It's been described as a sweeter version of the original Hidden Valley Ranch with a hint of flavorful herbs and creamy buttermilk.

The new Hidden Valley Ranch Van Leeuwen ice cream will only be out for a limited time

The few people who have tried it actually like it. Except for those who aren't fans of Ranch dressing in the first place. From what's being said it does have an unusual "onion or garlic" smell to it but tastes really good.

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Start looking for Hidden Valley Ranch Van Leeuwen ice cream in the freezer at Walmart starting Monday, March 20th (03-20-23). It's out for a limited time and will only be available until the end of May (05-31-23).

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Visit the official Hidden Valley Ranch website here for more information. We've waited for what seems like a lifetime for this moment. I'm looking forward to it, how about you? Take the quick poll below & let us know.

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